Benefits Administration


Manage your open enrollment and new hire elections with ease

By fully integrating our payroll and benefit administration system, redundancies are eliminated with a streamlined process, and time management savings are passed on to you.

See your employees enrollment status in real-time and manage enrollment data at anytime with a push of a button. Employees easily complete their enrollment process online, saving you the time of addressing benefit choices.

Automatic Approvals and Payroll Integration

Confidently track, and compare changes prior to approval, and for a complete steamlined process, take advantage of ClubPay's Payroll/HR Integration of employee demographics, elections and deductions. No more manual entry!

Online Enrollment

Employees complete an easy-to-use, single, form-based process for their benefit elections, and you have a real-time view of their enrollment status, with tools to manage:

  • New Hires
  • Qualifying Events
  • Open Enrollment

Plan Administration

No more manual entry! Simply upload all your plans into our benefits administration system, which will automatically display elections available to those employees that qualify. Leverage system rules to:

  • Enforce election rules including plan maximums
  • Assure dependant age limits and qualifyfing events

Commitment to Excellence

It is our commitment to provide innovative solutions tailored to club management system needs, and personalized support to help our club payroll partners organize the way they handle human resource functions to increase efficiency, improve employee relationships, and mitigate liability exposures.

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